Proven Technology

Utilizes FM broadcast technology that has been proven for decades making startup costs for new entrant broadcasters more attainable.


Protections are put in place to assure that existing full-service Channel 5 and 6 TV stations will not be impacted.


Assurances that early adopters of the new spectrum will be established local nonprofit organizations.


Opens up new opportunities for various ethnic and other communities currently underrepresented by radio and TV broadcasting.

WIDE-FM Means Urban Opportunity

For the first time in decades, local organizations in major metropolitan areas will have an opportunity to get their own voice on the radio.

New York City

The diverse voices of the Big Apple will finally have an opportunity to be heard on 5 wide coverage channels, local channels on Long Island, Connecticut and New Jersey, plus many LPFM opportunities.

Los Angeles

4 potential wide area allotments for the Southland as well as suburban allotments for OC, Santa Clarita and the Conejo Valley.  Many LPFM opportunities also available.


In the region, there will be 3 wide area allotments in Chicago, Gary and Naperville and 5 suburban allotments.  LPFM opportunities in Band 6 and likely Band 5 will also be available.