New Radio for the Big City

Welcome to a once in a lifetime opportunity!

It is not everyday that major cities have the opportunity to get new radio stations.  If the FCC adopts WIDE-FM, this will happen as the service uses wide open spectrum that has never been used for radio.  In order to put some order into the potential chaos that could ensue from making spectrum wide open, to assure that channels are fairly available for as many communities as possible, to assure the most potential license grants as possible and to comply with federal law that requires the FCC to distribute licenses fairly and equitably among the several states and communities, we have developed an initial table of allotments, which was based on US Census data to assign a channel to each community starting at the largest city and going all the way down to the smallest communities with 1,000 or more people.  If adopted as proposed, WIDE-FM would have an initial "homesteading" filing window where 3,501 licenses would be up for grabs. We propose to limit the first opportunity to only local applicants who can show that either their headquarters or 75% of their board members reside within 25 miles of the city being applied for. If there is competition (which is expected), certain criteria will be used that will give priority to well established local organizations, applicants with no other nearby broadcast holdings and various technical parameters.  If more than one applicant is tied at the end of the process, then time sharing may be needed.  

WIDE-FM would be available only for nonprofit educational organizations where radio will advance their organization's educational objectives.  Commercials are prohibited, but stations can acknowledge underwriters to the station through messages that identify the donor but does not promote their business.

Here's how WIDE-FM will bring new noncommercial diverse voices to the largest radio market areas:

WIDE-FM Means Urban Opportunity

WIDE-FM is about bringing new radio where new radio is needed the most.

New York City

The diverse voices of the Big Apple will finally have an opportunity to be heard on 5 wide coverage channels, local channels on Long Island, Connecticut and New Jersey, plus many LPFM opportunities.

Los Angeles

4 potential wide area allotments for the Southland as well as suburban allotments for OC, Santa Clarita and the Conejo Valley.  Many LPFM opportunities also available.


In the region, there will be 3 wide area allotments in Chicago, Gary and Naperville and 5 suburban allotments.  LPFM opportunities in Band 6 and likely Band 5 will also be available.

San Francisco

In the Bay Area, there will be 4 wide area allotments that will cover the City and two additional suburban allotments.  LPFM will also be available throughout the region. 

Dallas-Fort Worth

The Metroplex will have 5 wide area allotments and an additional 5 suburban allotments.  LPFM opportunities will also be available.


For Houston, there will be three allotments in the metro area, four allotments for the suburbs and two additional allotments for the Galveston area.  LPFM will also be available across the Houston-Galveston market.

Washington DC

In order to protect primary TV stations, full-service availability is extremely limited to suburbs in Virginia.  LPFM would be available in the District.


LPFM opportunities will be available throughout Atlanta.  Due to Channel 5 and 6 stations, full-service availability is extremely limited to a small area north of the metro area and with very low power facilities.


Due to a local Channel 6 and a nearby Channel 5, there is no full-service FM available. Availability is limited to LPFM only and most LPFMs may need a directional antenna. 


Four allotments that cover the central Boston area and one for Worcester.  LPFM opportunities also available.

Miami-Fort Lauderdale

In South Florida, five wide area allotments for Miami and Fort Lauderdale as well as four suburban allotments.  LPFM opportunities are also available.


For the Seattle-Tacoma area, we propose three wide area allotments and an additional 6 suburban allotments.  Many LPFM opportunities available on both bands.


In the Detroit area, there will be two full-service allotments available as the spectrum is shared with Canada.  Many LPFM opportunities will be available.


In the Valley of the Sun, the dial is wide open!  There is a potential for five wide area allotments and five suburban allotments as well as an abundance of LPFM on both bands.